Unlock Grace– The Best Part Of The Day

Unlock Grace– The Best Part Of The Day

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The person who has the most gratitude, thankfulness, is the person that propels through life. It isn’t often that we understand consciously the deep rooted seeds of prosperity that give way to our destiny when we are grateful.
Grace is an emotion that far surpasses its complex design. Meaning, it takes so little effort for us to be appreciative, yet the effects can bring immensely powerful changes to our lives.

I can remember being in constant fear, often angry and frustrated for 10-15 years of my life. In that time, I abused alcohol to the point that I was constantly out of money; what did I have to be grateful for?
Sure, I read my bible and would try to meet new people that didn’t drink – this wasn’t the problem. I wanted to be thankful for what I had. I just couldn’t understand the lack of progress in my life.

The mysterious antidote for anger and frustration is being grateful for your blessings. Recently I have understood this concept at full tilt. Had I known the value that passion has in one’s life, I may have felt more satisfied sooner. Focus all your thoughts on being pleased with yourself in the present; with this constant mindset, you cannot be angry. Expressing love for yourself and those around you will remove depression, causing you to excel forward without fear

What If You Lived with Constant Grace?

This is a crucial step in personal growth; you must spend time loving yourself each day. Having fired myself up emotionally for the past 2 months, I have grown to enjoy everything around me. My days begin with reflecting on 7 to 10 blessings that I have in my life; this is my 15mins of love. I go over these for at least 10 minutes; this ignites my energy and love for the entire day.
The unconscious mind, when activated, will provide endless ideas and energy to those who activate it. Ideas for personal growth have to be done on a level of thinking that is of higher consciousness than your everyday thought. Spiritual people know this as, “energy from God.” Winners in their own lives know how to activate this power, to sustain them with ideas of creativity to produce unending results.

As a blogger and an online marketer, I know this as the state of flow. I recently learned how to start it when I need to get work done. You have, no doubt, felt this surge of unconscious power in random situations in your life. Connecting to this power regularly is done with constant gratitude.
Grace elevates our consciousness to higher levels of awareness faster than any other emotion.

Priming yourself to succeed is done through regular self-affirmations of positive change. See yourself succeeding, know that you are going to win, and you will. See the outcome of your goals as having already accomplished them. Focus on appreciating your goals being met each day until they are complete, then, set up your next target.