90% Of Bloggers Suffer From Text Neck. (How I Overcame The Stress)

Text Neck Video That Shows The Truth

Wouldn’t you want to get out of neck and shoulder pain?

I will only have this post up for another 36 hours, then it will be gone...

I was so tired of being tired. Constant fatigue used to rule my life like a black plague of death, consuming my every second. Pain in my shoulders and back, even while being physically fit. The shock from shooting nerves became unbearably insane. And if you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you would know that I need no more "insane" in my life.

Was there a secret to ending the pain and constant fatigue that I was feeling? What was causing it? It wasn't the fact that I was unfit, I knew that. I mean I have always worked out regularly... Last month there was a moment of decision in my life that would help drive me to even more positive growth, as you know I have been seeking powerful growth in all aspects of my very being, that is, self-mastery in every area of my life.

So, I did what any person who was born in the generation that first enjoyed the uniqueness of the internet would do, I fired up my computer and began searching for the reason WHY I was so sore around my neck constantly, despite being strong and fit, why was I so damn 'out of it?' Not just tired, but down right lethargy. My confidence was shot along with acute nerve pain shooting through my back at times, did I need surgery, I was hoping not, obviously. Did I mention the gastrointestinal issues that were a constant reminder of having just ate?

A simple voice search for 'causes of neck pain', via 'ask Google' revealed a few ideas, but nothing popped out at me, nothing had anything to do with my normal routine. Until I saw the words "Text Neck Symptoms." This was intriguing and sounded a lot like what I had been doing every day for the past 15 years of my life, which was and is, texting.

Text Neck Symptoms

There it was staring at me in the face, on the phone that ironically I was using and causing more text neck for myself as I read. Lack of confidence, headaches, pain in neck and shoulders, nerve pain, constant fatigue.

Exposing the truths about how my constant texting, checking my phone for new notifications, oh, and the constant lack of posture when I sat down to blog could all be caused by the text neck epidemic.

90% of you suffer from this. It's always been amazing to me how glued to our devices we all are. Hell, even when I would blog on my laptop I should have been sitting up straight and looking at you guys head on, but often I would slouch, being lazy. Once I learned that text neck could very well be the problem, the only problem hopefully, I began looking more vigorously into what Text Neck Syndrome was.

Text Neck Syndrome In My Words

When you are in a constant state of staring down at your phone, you know, reading emails, texting, or, even watching the occasional how to video, your neck is under unneeded constant pressure. Pressure from the weight of your head. Did you know that the human head weighs between 10-12 pounds? You did? Me too. Imagine the stress that weight adds to your body when you are out of alignment and staring downward in that unnatural gaze of wonder.

It's like this, when your head is in perfect alignment with your body, the weight on your neck and shoulders supported is the actual weight of your head, so 12 pounds. Now, if you have forward head posture (bad, tsk, tsk) you will add 10 more pounds of weight to your neck for every inch your head moves forward, crazy thing is we do this thousands of times a day and didn't even realize it until right now.

I'm willing to bet that the stress on my neck was probably closer to 45 pounds, having had senseless texting wars with my friends, while my head fell forward 3 or 4 inches (That's not what she said) in a slouch. I didn't know the secrets back then that I found out in my research a month back.

Men have the desire and determination to stand erect and tall, to have perfect posture, we are in a constant state of competition with other men for dominance, it's in our nature to be beast-like. If you have ugly forward head posture your confidence fucking sucks, it's a shit sandwich of emotional distress, trust, I know. I've been in the Military and have had perfect posture, to leaving and having a 40 pound weight on my shoulders. Ladies, you can't stand seeing a man slouched over and breathing shallow, wheezing, can you? This works especially well for ladies also, truth is the person doing the demo exercises is a lady.

Another thing about shitty posture I realized after I began to do text neck exercises, was how much older I looked when I would slouch. Take a piss and look in the mirror (Not recommended for ladies of IA) after you stare at your stream, you'll see what I mean. Just old and unattractive.

I came across forward head posture fix in my reading, basically it's a sales landing page that answered a lot of my questions to why I have neck problems, pain and fatigue and how I can fix it for cheap. Yes, this enticed me to purchase the $10.00 instant download, I'm not upset in the least that I did. Because, I thought simple static stretches that I could watch on YouTube would help, and the ones that my chiropractor gave me years ago, but they wouldn't, and didn't. And here is why.

Static stretching only provides temporary relief in pain, muscle tension and an increase in movement but within a few hours, your forward head posture is back to the way it was since the stretch did not target the main cause.

You just can't correct the damage that has already been done with static stretching alone. There needs to be a combination of corrective exercise and other techniques to open up and release the neck while activating other muscles so you can return to a balanced state with proper movement in the neck. Or, so I learned.

Note that postural strengthening is great for those who blog, work in a cubicle on a computer all day. Doing this will help the anxious moments of wanting to quit when your neck screams in agony, because it won't anymore.

You need a combination of text neck exercises, breathing techniques, core conditioning, and self-massage. This is just a few that worked real well for me. Honestly though, it's reprogramming your body to straighten up and fly right.

Tip When Texting- Hold the damn phone out straight with you arm and look at the screen with your crown held high. Just think, it's a good shoulder workout for those who have long texting sessions. The strain is far less severe on the shoulders than the 42 pound weight on the neck.

Text Neck Exercises

For time purposes, I am sure you are busy and may be scrolling through the post as many readers do, I will limit the amount of exercises that I discuss in this post. These are the ones that I personally felt the greatest relief from.

Exercise one is the foundation exercise, many other exercises piggyback this exercise. It's only proper to get this one here. It's called...

Lift, Tuck and Tighten- This movement can be performed while sitting, standing or while on your back. Maintain the normal curve of your spine, lift your chest and level out your head. If you are sitting, roll hips forward until you are on you sit bones and curve in your spine is normal. If you are standing, activate your gluteus. Perform 5 repetitions with each being held for 5 seconds and then progress to 10 repetitions with each being held for 10 seconds. Then move to 4 repetitions to 30 seconds and finally one repetitions for a hold of 2 minutes.

The second one that has brought power and confidence to my life is known as...

3-Way Mid Back Rocking- Best performed in a seated position but can be done standing. The hands on head and move elbows and shoulder back, plus tighten up the shoulder blades and mid-back. Then arching back five times, rotate side to side for 5 repetitions in each direction and finally rocking side to side for 5 repetitions for a total of 10 repetitions for each movement.

I'll leave you with my favorite feel good exercise, this one helps me relieve all sorts of tension in my neck, a lot of migraine sufferers love this one...

Upper Trapezius Massage- This movement can be performed while sitting, standing or while on your back. Perform 3 self-massage circles in the muscle and focus on the section that is tight and sensitive. Be gentle and be nice to the windpipe. You can progress to 5 repetitions.

Though I just shared a few of my findings for relieving text neck, it's not to late for you to put an end to it. Take the opportunity today to do the simple exercises listed above and tell me how great you feel?

I was pretty nervous when I read what was happening to myself and every cell phone wielding user in the world, I wasn't sure that it wasn't too late for me to get myself out of the pain I was in, I thought I had long lasting damage.

I was wrong, I started doing these exercises and my posture is on point, breathing techniques stimulate my brain, making me feel confident. By powerfully strengthening my core, I am loving myself. My neck is out of pain, I don't strain to blog and I put an end to staring downwards to the fiery hell pit below.

I'd suggest, as Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS. says, "do these exercises for 15 minutes a day, working up to more reps." Yup that's all it took me. I noticed results on my first day, after that it was a matter of remembering not to go back to the old way of texting and blogging. That's creating a habit of perfect posture.

My confidence has since then soared to new heights, working out and adding neck exercises to improve my posture creates a new image of power. A tree that is firmly rooted and stands tall and strong.

Fixing your Forward Head Posture can literally happen in 15 minutes a day, I actually look forward to doing the routine after my beast sessions... You can head over to Forward Head Posture Fix and see for yourself, learn the routines and maybe we can help spread the word?

Get Healthy, 

-Parker (aka Stetson)

P.S. Let me know how it goes for you.

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