I finally did it, I called the human resources desk at work and told the man on the phone very politely, “I quit.” Now, this wasnt a spur of the moment irresponsible moment where I was fed up and said, “to hell with it I don’t want to work here anymore,” kind of quit. No, this was over a 2 week period of not feeling joy and fulfillment in the workplace. Oh and I did it with the option the be rehired in the future. 

Apparently, I have been going on and on in my mind about the ups and downs of having a job that works me to death the entire year as I look back at my recent posts dealing with the same. As with anything the pros are there as well, such as, the nice paycheck that I receive every 14 days on payday and the numerous medical and dental benefits that come with the whole package. Nevertheless, I decided I needed to quit my job and pursue personal growth in other ways of life, while not be hounded at work for the things I am “doing wrong,” while the higher ups make larger amounts of money for what seems like less work. Sick and tired of the way people treated me at work, a perfect example would be that I have been working so much on myself and having “positive vibrations” at work and around people in the world itself, meanwhile, the co-workers would shoot me down and mention things like, “this isn’t you, you’re never happy,” “oh, you believe you can change?” Of course, some of that could be in my head but still, would you want to be at a job that you dread going in day after day, probably not?

Somewhere in my soul and possibly yours, there is a longing to enjoy going into work and having a blast with the “perfect people” around at all times and the best work hours, you know, the job you and I love to do day in and day out. Though, this not being the main reason of quitting work, I will use it here to justify myself to you, while keeping the other reasons to myself.

With my personal development in full swing, and my newly relaunched blog, I will now have the time to focus on my journey like never before, I can take it all in!

From the numerous articles I’ve been reading from bloggers like myself, on growth, passive income, positive thinking and much more, I realized that many before me have made a similar jump of faith. For instance, Steve Pavlina at stevepavlina.com, tells you that, “When you decide to quit your job or break off your relationship or move to a new city, it may be the result of months or years of dissatisfaction.” Just meditate a few moments on that, take it all in. It is with these words that I now know I am able to strive for something much better in my life if only I had the time! Please, don’t tell Steve that I am using him as a reason quitting my job (chuckles,) my point is that why should you and I be in a tedious boring job, putting in long hours for such little pay, if we simply don’t have to?

Okay, if that doesn’t feed my email box with ridicule about “how America was founded on working long hours and sweat and tears,” I don’t know what will. 

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Truths I Have Learned From My Jump Of Faith:


Embrace The Secret, Live For Personal Growth!

Take Risks- Risk taking played part as a main factor in doing what I did, it’s not easy to quit a job knowing that your income will be forfeited. It is more of a calculated risk that I took, I do have savings and the option to be hired back. Once I took the risk I felt relieved and joyful, sure I had some feelings of guilt, which were quickly squashed because of my personal growth.

Others Feel The Same Way- Did you know that other people feel like quitting too? When I mentioned that I was quitting to a few friends they mentioned they had thought about it, and just couldn’t find the means to.

Joyful Vibrations Lead To Joyful Situations- I put The Secret to work the night before, I laid in bed and visualized myself going through the process of quitting work, I planned the things I would say, do, the end result, and most importantly of all I focused on being in an elevated, extremely high, blissful stay of being. You see, the universe will give you what you ask for, the outcome just depends on if you are in a negative state or positive, i.e. good emotions bring good results.

The First Step Is The Hardest- The truth is, once you take the first step in anything that you don’t want to do or are afraid to do, the feeling of “I can’t” leaves you, because you are already involved within the situation now. You may tell me “well quitting is easy, it’s the ones who stick it out, who are tough!” This is true in many different aspects however, to quit something that is sustaining to life and paying your bills, but is holding you back from achieving a higher level of conscious awareness is not.

  • 5 Levels Of Conscious Awareness:
    World-Class Consciousness
    Upper-Class Consciousness
    Middle-Class Consciousness
    Working-Class Consciousness
    Poverty-Class Consciousness


Second Guessing Is Normal- Hmm, not sure about normal? I just know that other thoughts NOT related to my end result have started pounding my mind. Of course, all you and I need to do is stop the negativity around us and focus on the vibrations of wonderful joy in the universe and trust that we made the right decision.

Please don’t call your boss today and tell he or she that you are quitting because of a blog article that you read, and it told you to quit. Remember though, “it is calculated risk taking, that gets results.”