Exposed: Anti-Anxiety Side Effects are Worse Than CBD’s

When you've been in an ongoing cycle of having to take anti-depressants while swapping anxiety meds to find the correct cocktail, a big price on your body is being taxed. 
Turn on your television and watch a few commercials, you'll see plenty that tricks you subliminally to go "ask your doctor." about taking prescription mood stabilizers, chemical balancing, and anxiety subsides. 

From the 20 second list of harmful side effects to the overall push and creation of these drugs, the government seeks to get you hooked and make a huge profit from it. Whether they kill you or not. Pharmaceuticals want you to get hooked, for instance. My doctor gave me a medication for depression, and she asked me for other problems, bipolar came up and she wanted me on a mood stabilizer without any testing. I said no thanks, and she kept pushing it every time I'd go get my refill. 

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