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Get Paid to Help Others Online When You Give Freely of Your Content

Get Paid to Help Others When You Care

3 weeks ago a valuable lesson was learned when a podcast showed up in the YouTube library. @garyvaynerchuck spoke some real truth to me as an online influencer.

For 3 years now I have been learning to make money online, truth be told, I have been a “transactionist,” designing my content with one specific CTA in mind, to make a sale.

Sure, I’ve made money with this approach, the point is, that style of business manages to piss off a lot of would-be followers to my brand.

In the last 3 days, I have seen the most positive growth in online followers and people enjoying my brand, through one simple change of mindset I have generated engagement and people who are excited to hear what I have to say, rather than being pissed off, running toward the nearest big name for support.

Not making sales when you are a transactionist, (a person releasing content to close sales one by one) leads to massive depression when you open your stats for the day and see $0.00’s across the board, after the 9 hour day you put in the day before, expecting sales.

The only way to get over this long term rise and fall of depression is to build yourself, your company into a brand that focuses on the one key ingredient to higher sales growth online, “what can you DO FOR the user that is trusting in your brand?” 

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This new way of thinking has brought 15 strong followers to my brand in 3 days, from Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. My days are spent building these followers up by fixing their problems. Yesterday, I was able to help @girlskickinbass on Twitter by creating a header for them, totally free, doing so without expecting money in return brought feelings of gratitude. Custom Twitter Headers Free from Unscripted Income

If doing this work for free sounds crazy, the marketing strategy works and that’s why I lost so many would be followers when I didn’t apply it. This approach isn’t for those who want to make a million bucks right now, the idea behind my new truth in understanding how to be the best online influencer I can be is, brand building. Simple as that.

This a long term approach at building Parker Townsend into a brand, so when these online business opportunities tank, you know and I know that my brand is secure because I am not transaction based, and people will need help online for 127 years into the future.

What happened when my brand didn’t focus on money?

  • Got Outstanding Reviews on Amazon
  • Had people share my content without having to ask
  • 205% Comment increase on Unscripted Income
  • Users excited for future articles

These are minuscule compared to the milestones that you can accomplish if you switch your business strategy to help others instead of helping your pocket book. Don’t leave out your affiliate products, people want to know what’s available to improve their lives and when you provide that information you should be entitled to income.

The Strategy used not only brings income over time but unloads massive gratitude and happiness to yourself and other users online. Now that friends have reviewed my books and shared my content, more money will come in through sales of the book on social proof, alone.

“Money shouldn't be the reason you help others, it should be a reward for your time and effort.”

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