Behind Her Mask was Death my Book Review

Author Parker Townsend Reviews Behind Her Mask Was Death

Behind her mask was death! premature Review

This read is easy flowing with smooth page turning. It started off like a children’s novel, then I was pleasantly surprised by the flow of scenery and vivid imagery built within the words. 

Maher has a unique gift in shocking her readers and sparking imagination from the seemingly unknown territory behind her story-line. I’m most surprised of the great detail and research into the costumes, designs, and characters within this page-turner.  

Granted, I am only 2 chapters into death, which is plenty of time to understand that Maher has done an outstanding job behind the scenes to create an elaborate case of murder and the ride is going to be a blast. The characters are forming, the precision and attention to every aspect of the entire layout of every situation are unavoidable as a reader. You simply can not deny the organization of the author’s input. 

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Author Parker Townsend Reviews Behind Her Mask Was Death

After speaking with Maher prior to buying “behind her mask was death,” I’ve chosen to take my personal time to review this book because of the shock behind what I had falsely expected. I was more interested in pre-ordering her new book The Tangle, which releases November 4, 2017. 

With what I’ve read so far in “Death” my money won’t be wasted come November 4th, when the book is electronically sent to my reading list. 

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If you’ve ever read something that takes your mind into another reality so wonderful as to forget your worries, then you’ll understand why I have chosen to thank the author of this book prematurely. As the words struck my eyes I felt what the characters felt, being inside the very ballroom within the book. 

“We sometimes reveal how ignorant or bored we were when we read a book by giving it 5-stars.”

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