Unlock Grace– The Best Part Of The Day

The person who has the most gratitude, thankfulness, is the person that propels through life. It isn’t often that we understand consciously the deep rooted seeds of prosperity that give way to our destiny when we are grateful.
Grace is an emotion that far surpasses its complex design. Meaning, it takes so little effort for us to be appreciative, yet the effects can bring immensely powerful changes to our lives.

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I Bet He Drinks wheat grass super-food

This is The Age of the balanced body

My journey to healthier living, increased energy and powerful life changes. Today’s podcast goes over the unprecedented effects of the Superfood called wheat grass. This is what the major food companies DON’T want you to know about because they want you to continue to eat their sludge, there acidic foods and their processed food. Now it’s time to fight back and combat these food giants into submission. They are killing you!

You can find your wheat grass here. 

I recommend going on a 3 to 4-day detox to start. Meaning, you super hydrate the day before your detox. During your cleanse you will drink only 2 to 3 shots of wheat grass a day, only, other than water. This will flush out your body and give you energy like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve seen massive results.

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Begin Feeling Great- 21Day Fix

“Life is like riding a bicicyle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.”
-Albert Einstein
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    Begin Feeling Great- 21Day Fix

    This Makes You Happy


    True conscious growth comes at the moment when you finally realize that you have been in a series of months lead with constant positive thoughts, months of feeling deeply great about yourself.

    Think about it this way, there are 5 types of feel good chemicals inside of your brain, 6 if you count nor-epinephrine, starving for some attention. In order to benefit fully from their positive impact you must first activate their core, feed them oxygen and they will supercharge your body to achieve greatness at the highest level of consciousness. Once you have shocked them back to life, keeping them maintained becomes a life long commitment, this is easier said than done for most. You can get it done.


    Laying Dormant


    Tom was a basket case in the winter, he would always give in to the changing of the weather, not wanting to work out, in fact he just stopped providing his brain the proper chemical boost that was needed to push through these long cold nights. Oxycontin is activated in the brain by taking action steps in life, this gives a feeling of falling in love or when one comes home after a long hard day. As Tom held up in his room all day staring blankly at his television set watching “wings” for the 30th time, his feelings of joy and content were replaced with fear and isolation. If only he could find the energy to venture into the world again to replenish the imbalance inside him.


    In order to ignite the release of these chemicals that lay dormant within you, I would suggest you begin monitoring your thoughts throughout your day, keep track of them in a journal this way you can always have foresight into what thoughts you allow to take root within yourself. Are your thoughts congruent with the actions you take, of course they are. In any case, were not going to be able to stop our negative thoughts 100% but I can tell you that with building a habit of positive thinking, the negatives tend to be far less accessible to your conscious mind.

    The “Feel Good” Chemicals


    • Endorphin– Any of a group of peptide hormones that bind to opioid receptors and act as neurotransmitters. Endorphin reduce the sensation of pain and affect emotions. 
    • Dopamine– A catecholamine neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, retina, and sympathetic ganglia, acting within the brain to help regulate movement and emotion: its depletion may cause Parkinson’s disease. 
    • Oxycontin– A polypeptide hormone, produced by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland, that stimulates contraction of the smooth muscle of the uterus.
    • Nor-Epinephrine– Also called nor-adrenaline. Physiology. a neurotransmitter, released by adrenergic nerve terminals in the autonomic and possibly the central nervous system, that has such effects as constricting blood vessels, raising blood pressure, and dilating bronchi. 
    • Prolactin– An anterior pituitary polypeptide hormone that stimulates lactation by the mammary glands at parturition in mammals, the activity of the crop in birds, and in some mammalian species the production of progesterone by the corpus luteum.



    Focused positive thinking provides a jolt of energy for the pleasure center in your mind, much like jump starting your car back to life. Start to proclaim a series of confident aspirations for 21 days in a row and you will see a paradigm shift in your daily emotions. Seemingly forcing these affirmations are foreign and often extremely difficult for the pessimist at first, but once a habit of conscious thought management starts taking place, the pessimist will turn into quite the optimist.

    Set backs are part of life, understanding this while maintaining specific aspirations will enable you to remain calm, cool and collected in time of uncertainty. When you unknowingly force defeating labels on yourself this takes away from the good that positive emotion creates.

    Maintain the Feeling


    Now that you are beginning to feel good each and everyday, its like anything else, you need to do maintain that feeling. Doing daily routine maintenance for your brain stimuli is that life long task I told you about before, it comes from choosing to activate your chemical center, routinely. The reason you have to continue to keep up with your emotional high from these happy chemical releases is that they act similar to a drug inside of you. Drugs have this come down period, the time when the chemical wears off leading to chemical withdrawal. Another way of understanding this is to think for me if you will, of an alcoholic who self medicates himself with this drug causing him to feel happy, he can control his dose and keep himself feeling that high, its not until the drug wears off that his chemicals inside his brain become dangerously low.

    Maintaining your emotional high is your best defense in continuing to feel good, it is far more difficult and painful to raise your brain chemicals from rock bottom to its peak, then it is to keep them at their synergistic level. Personally, I choose to swim hard and fast, the endorphin release inside my blood stream keeps me chasing that high, continually. Endorphin build up when your body has injuries and pain. As you run, swim or do exercise of any kind these endorphin are released to mask the pain, which is what enables the injured mother to run back to her faint child when thrown out of the car, endorphin keep you feeling good in the presence of pain.

    Come Full Circle


    Take steps to share your profound feeling of pleasure, further reinforcing your chemical high. Look back over the past months, visualize and recall the moments when positive change took place. Sit your friends and family down, share with them the truths that were revealed to you in your quest to feeling great. Anyone worth befriending will be more than encouraged by your rapid transformation that they themselves will release dopamine inside their brain. As you see others feeling great you will have fueled your bodies desire for more chemical relief, keeping you from falling victim to withdrawal symptoms of setbacks.