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SEAL Toughness: Here's How I Conquered a 1 mile Steep Mountain run!

The past two nights have been an outstanding wake-up call, after having read 2 Warrior Focused books from my Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

Navy SEAL Self-Discipline by Dominic Mann, leaves nothing unturned when unleashing the secrets of the mental toughness that gets SEALs through insane missions. Mann, gives great detail and real life applications for learning, building and utilizing the techniques of real life SEALs. 

Through my immersion reading (reading while listening via audio) on my Kindle Fire, I was able to read this book two times over, in one sitting. The greatest power of reading this 49-page guide to igniting a warrior within me was the instant application and satisfaction that followed. 

Having learned the mental toughness skills that many of the elite athletes, military men and top producing CEO’s of major internet companies use to ignore pain, in order to push through and complete their missions, I set out on a journey to do exactly that. 

Mt Rubidoux is 1 mile to the top when taking the steepest climb, having walked the mountain over 1 thousand times in my life time, this was out of the question after what I had learned, it was too easy. My mission was to run from the bottom to the top without stopping, never having done a full run through the steep grade and incline of 484ft, this was the ultimate test. 

Using the visualization as I drove through the streets, I saw myself running the entire mountain beforehand, understanding in my mind every ill thought, every pain strikingly inch of the run, anything that could go wrong while running I thought of, then I overcame these setbacks and pushed forward to the top without stopping. 

In order to combat the pain during the run I knew I had to have a higher purpose a reason why to push through all the pain I was to endure, my purpose was the American Flag at the top of the mountain and knowing that I wouldn’t let myself down but all the American people, that the American Flag represents. This may sound drastic but to push on, it had to be done. 

In Bootcamp the  go to slogan I would say to myself when the grind got crazy tough, that was, “Pain Only Hurts Until It’s Gone.” I would use this to my advantage on the run as well. 

Arriving at the foot of the mountain, everything I learned and focused on was about to prove useful or a complete failure, ironically a failure that would only happen because I let it happen if I let myself quit. 

What Happened? 

“That was a freaking blast. I ran from the bottom of Mt Rubidoux to the cross without stopping. After I reached the top, knowing 60% more energy could easily be found from a strong mind, I continued running from the bridge to the top 5 more times.

My sciatic nerve was pounding, left leg completely numb, ankle excruciating, then up the steps a few times. Through all this, my mind was focussed, and I ran the entire way down the mountain, surpassing my goal by 100% I hate running. Best focused nonstop run I’ve ever done, even since boot camp. Etc…

My best focused nonstop run I’ve ever done, even since boot camp. “I just felt like running.” I didn’t want to stop, having overcome my goal, having built my resilience to pain and giving up, I felt driven to push on and conquer more than ever before. 

After The Run…

Winding down after the triumph, there was still more to explore. Excited, I turned to my unlimited reading, resources and being searching for similar books. Jason Lopez has a best seller by the same name, standing out like a sore thumb, (no pun intended, but everything was sore at this point) I downloaded and quickly began honing my skills, building up what I had already learned and then some!

3 minutes into the read I noticed similar details were unfolding, many of the same SEALs were mentioned, their stories and resiliency toward mission success, giving up short of death was not an option. This fourth edition amazingly worked more on challenging your mind from the inside out. 

Becoming the Toughest Warrior possible comes ONLY when you understand deep down exactly who you are as a person. Don’t sugar coat it, as you take complete ownership of your life, your quirks and shortcomings, it is then that you can move toward being mentally tough. Getting there through habituation and overcoming FEARs by placing yourself in situations that you fear most. 

SEALs train countless hours, putting themselves through scenarios that would freak out the “toughest” guys in your neighborhood, it is the repetition of these situations that allows their brains to become resilient to the FEAR. Lopez, not only reveals over 15 secrets like this one, but he provides real life scenarios for you and I in our daily lives, for example, your home based business or finally speaking to that beautiful girl you’ve had your eyes on for 2 years. 

Crossfit, phisical training is a huge part of building confidence and maintaining a mentally tough mindset, I was covered there too. 

Lopez, goes into much greater detail of building and maintaining mental toughness. Fittingly enough, I read this book after my run and was able to lock in what I had accomplished, while focusing on the next day, knowing that I would be sore, but not defeated. 

“Always meet your commitments. Do more than is expected of you. Do things faster than expected. Achieve better results than expected. Do all of the above with integrity and with little fanfare.”
-Mark Divine

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