October 3rd - Recovery from a Slaughter

The outpour from those supporting the aftermath of #prayforvegas is staggering. People from all walks of life have come together to help, support, and pray for the suffering. 

It’s not uncommon for Americans to unite after a tragic event, it’s wonderful to see. Though, it’s almost bitter in a way.

The attention after mass shootings and tragic events are often short. Weeks go by and life is back to normal for most, those who are not directly affected. The FBI reports that every two weeks these massacres take place. A mass shooting has a victim count of 4 or more people. None of these shootings were as horrific in body count as the deadliest single shooter attack in modern history, Las Vegas.  

Can you recall the Orlando, Florida slaughter that ended life for 49 people on June 12, 2016, inside the Pulse nightclub? Just over a year ago and with 32 mass shootings later, America is no closer to solving the issue. 

Just last month a family of 9 were murdered in Plano Texas, the copycat generation seems preoccupied on killing. It’s up to us to remember these dates and not allow them to continue. We must personally become vigilant, scope our surroundings and stop being so damn polite not to ask a stranger about his or her day. Communication with strangers can lead to call signs that may save hundreds of lives. 

Stronger restrictions on gun control are not the answer, nor does it work. If the government banned guns, no one would have them to kill. “Really? Meth and cocaine are illegal and drug addicts buy this every day on the street.”

a bullet souvenir in the back, from a massacre

Just wanted to let you know that (name withheld’s) son in law, Censored is doing good, he’s back here in Riverside. Las Vegas hospital sent him back to Riverside, non-life-threatening issue.
Censored came home, went to Riverside Kaiser and they decided to not remove the bullet from his back that penetrated him during the shooting. Cleaned his wound, stitched him up and sent him home with antibiotic medication. He now has a memorable souvenir from their 3 Day vacation. He jokingly said that it takes more than a Crazy man’s bullet to take him down. Dylan has a very good attitude towards this terrible and tragic ordeal that he and a lot of others experienced this last weekend.
Censored climbed on and covered his wife Mindy when they realized they were being shot at. So it appears he took one for the little lady. They’re both very grateful that God was watching over them. They’re all doing well today. Have a good week and be safe out there.
Don’t be fearful, but be observant. I just turned 60 yrs young in August, I still go to concerts and I will continue to go. I don’t allow crazy people and terrorists to dictate my life. Life’s too short, Enjoy it. 
““In general, those who resort to mass murder on a collective scale always put forward the justification that they acted on behalf of the nation.”
-Taner Akcam
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