October 2nd - Survive a Mass Shooting

Today I’ll start with prayers for Las Vegas. #prayforvegas… Television NEWS is overloaded with concerns, pain, empathy, and compassion for those killed yesterday, (59 as of this writing) and injured (522 as of this writing) in the deadliest shooting in modern history. 

Plan to survive a Mass shooting

  • Know your plan before the bullets fly. Assess your surroundings, your exits, the points to hide, (as the last resort) and plan what to do afterward. 

  • Select a leader to follow (yourself, parents?) if shit hits the fan. It’s important that your leader has a plan of action beforehand if nothing happens then great. 

  • Make yourself a moving target and run far and fast… It’s not likely that a mass shooter will have the special training that elite snipers have under their belt. Nervousness will hinder the shooting ability of a shooter, it’s important that you make yourself as hard to hit as possible. That requires running, jumping, getting the hell out of range. Ranges for handguns are 25meters, Long rifles have a range of 500-600 meters. 

  • Hide only as a last option. You want to get away from the situation as fast as possible. If you pinned down, hide only with the thought to move position with a pause in shots. Listen for gun jamming, count shots, changing of magazines, once these actions take place from the shooter, this is an opportune time to run to safety.

  • If you’re forced to hide head on to fight with the shooter, conceal yourself behind brick, mortar, concrete planters. Glass, wood, windows, are not ideal for self-concealment from bullets. 

  • Have a plan for everyone. Appoint who’s going to call people, and where you’ll go. Everyone should run to a rallying point. Rally points can be nearby buildings, a friends house close by, anything from half a mile or farther from the venue.

Preparation Tips

  • Purchase a bulletproof insert for your personal event backpack, purse, or child’s backpack. These inserts designed as soft body armor and can save your life. 

  • Take a life-saving medical kit with you everywhere you go. This kit should include a tourniquet, bandages, gloves, enough to stabilize the injured until further medical help arrives. 

The actions you take prior to a mass shooting are as important as those during. Don’t get caught off guard. Shootings are becoming an epidemic, understand that your chances of getting caught up in a shooting are rising. When you plan ahead of time, you take steps to survive. It’s my hope that you are able to use this information in an actionable way to save your life someday. 

“Your fear is 100% dependent on you for it's survival.”
-Dr. Steve Maraboli
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