I Bet He Drinks wheat grass super-food

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This Is The Age Of The Balanced body

My journey to healthier living, increased energy and powerful life changes. Today’s podcast goes over the unprecedented effects of the Superfood called wheat grass. This is what the major food companies DON’T want you to know about because they want you to continue to eat their sludge, there acidic foods and their processed food. Now it’s time to fight back and combat these food giants into submission. They are killing you!


You can find your wheat grass here. 

I recommend going on a 3 to 4-day detox to start. Meaning, you super hydrate the day before your detox. During your cleanse you will drink only 2 to 3 shots of wheat grass a day, only, other than water. This will flush out your body and give you energy like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve seen massive results.


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