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Personal Development Plan for Your Life! My 15 Years of Reading So, I Can Help You Grow.


Parker Townsend, has learned the Secrets to breaking away from the stigma of Mental Illness and has taught himself to over come his demons the only way he knew how, through writing his own book entitled “Overcome Yourself.”

Through Personal Development reading, podcasts, and self help gurus, Parker took hold of these profound teachings to grow on to help people who struggle to find help.parkerbigbear


He has designed 4 websites which act as helpful resources for people in need of self help, these websites will guide them on a path towards their own personal development.


I will teach you the skills I learned in order to experience Powerful Conscious Growth within myself. The skills taught by Life Coaches.


Stopping by for your first visit? I personally suggest growing to my Detailed Blog.

For a World Class Library of the |Best Self Help Books For Men| (and women) head on over to my Powerful Book Review Site, I re-read them from time to time.


Keep your eyes out for my Friday Blog Carnival. Each week I will write a |Topic Article| from the previous weeks choosing, you can participate by writing your own |Topic Article| on your own blog and I will link to yours.


Getting back to books, I have one for you to read right now, it’s short and should Super-Charge your Positive Growth right now! 15$ On Amazon.com, you can have it FREE, to show how serious I am when it comes to personal growth and helping you Today!


I am not sure how long I can keep this blog going since it is a Self-Hosted Blog, but my goal is to help others like my old self succeed in Never Giving Up.


Which is why I created my Powerful Life Changes Guide to help you succeed in Positive Thinking. I am not even going to charge you a dime for subscribing through this website, believe me with the knowledge I know about charging people for sign ups, I could charge.


Not Today! Not Ever! If You Want To See Powerful Life Changes Inside Yourself, Bookmark This Website and Check Back Often.


Positive Powerful Life Changes Guide
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