Warrior Focus and Preparation Helps You Overcome your Bodies Pain and Grab Your Goal... Guaranteed!

The mind is able to accomplish a great deal more than the body feels able to. When you begin to train your mind using the techniques of Elite Warriors, it’s easy to get lost in the fun and excitement of overcoming the obstacles never before reached. 

Prior to completing 80 Pushups in a single workout after my epic 1 mile uphill run, I first had to see myself knocking those push-ups out using visualization. It was only after seeing my goal accomplished that I set up my trigger to get me through the tough part of the journey.

Mental Triggers,


Are the last resort for getting yourself through the worst of times. When you’re up to your neck in shit and your body is giving out, that’s when you pull the trigger on your gun and push through your pain to the end. A trigger can be anything emotionally attached to the reason why you MUST succeed without fail…

Triggers will be different for you than they are for me and others around you. The trigger I often turn to is “accomplishing my task so I don’t let my father down, proving to him that it’s possible.” You see, my father has Alzheimer’s so this trigger means a great deal to me and I would be crushed if I let him down and my reason WHY gets that much stronger. Other examples of triggers are, not wanting to let down the American people, often times, not wanting to see the disappointment on your families faces can be a trigger used to get you through the fight. 

Be careful to pull your triggers only when absolutely necessary, the body is resilient which leads to a lack of effectiveness over time. Switch up triggers as you age and become accustomed to your current one. 

Personal sayings,

are pure gold when it comes to stirring my motivation. As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, I came up with a motto that I sang to myself when I felt I could no longer push on. “Pain only hurts until it’s gone.” I still use this today in most of my workouts and situations that life throws at me. I’m a little biased and believe in creating your own mantra for yourself, something personal that will push you through the tough times. But, if you’d like to steal mine, that’s cool since I’ll never know. 

Here are a few others to get you thinking:

“I will seek to improve myself, my team and the world every day.” – Way of the SEAL 
“Destiny will favor me if I am prepared in body, mind, and spirit” Way of the SEAL

With my 80 pushup goal preparation in full focus, my boot camp mantra was definitely there if needed, which it was. By preparing my steps long before my task was on me, I knew when the time came that it would be a breeze. I’ve already won!

80 pushups at the Elite level doesn’t sound like a lot, consider that my max had been 35 in one sitting. It was my mind and warrior focus that believed I could conquer 80 pushups under a 12-minute time limit. 

Starting out with 20 pushups right out of the gate, that wasn’t bad. Every 45 seconds I knocked out 5 more pushups until I hit somewhat of a wall at 50 pushups, that’s when the rep numbers got smaller, 4’s then 3’s and so on. Reaching 70 I was doing 1 pushup and resting, then another, this went on until I pulled my trigger at 74 and knocked out 4 at a time and surpassed 80 by hitting 82 pushups in just 12 minutes. 

“Life is about the experience, not the destination.”
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