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Don't Be Fooled By shoulder weakness, Choose to Overcome the pain

Have you ever woken after a warrior intense workout in extreme pain? I mean the kind of agonizing intense pain that nearly sets you over the edge of ending your workout schedule? 

When starting a new workout routine you’ll pump lactic acid from your muscles causing the body to burn, creating agony. This pain is part of the reason that would be athletic types quit their routine after the first week of training. 

Those with a warrior mindset who can focus on a large enough reason (why do I put myself through this pain?) to become the baddest they can be, simply learn ways to ignore the pain to a fit body.

Waking up after knocking out 80 pushups in 12 minutes, there was intense shooting pain in my left shoulder and scapula (back side). This felt more like an injury than a run of the mill after workout twinge. 

Rolling on a baseball to break the knots that accumulated during the rest period, help tremendously. This trigger point self-massage is one that heals the body faster than anything else that I’ve tried, it reaches places that I can’t get to with my hands, on my own. Placing the ball under my body near the sore points, I find the trigger. Marinating on the sore spot until I feel the muscles relax and the knot breaking away, aww relief. 

Sure, the pain was something I had never felt before, I was genuinely nervous that I would not be able to workout anytime soon, thinking I had torn my rotator cuff. After a few days of rest and massage, I was able to knock out 50 pushups in the follow-up workout. The mind is a wonderful muscle and when trained to focus on something other than pain, it’s no wonder extreme soldiers are able to complete life and death missions on the battlefield. 

I did have a horrible pain after the 50 push-ups, even taking the workout slower and with fewer reps, it hurt. A tear of some sort wasn’t about to stop me from pushing forward to achieve my goal. 

Many times on my runs I had to shake off a completely numb leg due to a sciatic pinched nerve, in order to conquer my mission. 

If you’re ever in trouble during a workout or athletic event, remember, when you think that you have nothing more whatsoever in your tank, the mind can push you 60% farther than that point. It comes down to the extreme focus on the task at hand. “How bad do you want to achieve your goal?”

“Grow STRONGER from the pain, don't let it destroy you.”

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