The Purpose Driven Life and How To Find It

The Purpose Driven Life and How To Find It

The problem with people trying to find their purpose in life, is that a majority of them, lack the mental intelligence of coming to a conscious understanding of defining what that purpose is. If you have ever nonchalantly sat down and said, “Hey, I’m a shithead and I need to find better things to do with my time, think I’ll sit down and find my purpose.” You’d be going about it the wrong way, essentially, playing into the reason you haven’t found it the previous 20 times.

In order to find your purpose, your mind must first be in a heightened state of consciousness, it’s not enough to simply want to find your purpose. If you haven’t opened a book in 10 years, or been attending your weekly seminars that teach you how to empower your mind in the next 21 days, how do you expect to just sit down and find your entire life’s purpose in one sitting?

Your lack of intelligence on any subject will always be directly linked to the efforts that you put into learning about how to master it, on your own. Think for a moment, about your level of conscious awareness to the world around you right now. Are you at a heightened state of consciousness, do you feel as if your mind is looking at you from above, giving you all the answers at a moments thought, the answers that you seek? If so, than maybe you are ready to find purpose. Now, if you haven’t been trying to intelligently raise your state of well-being, because you have been to engrossed with how emotionally depleted you feel, then you should probably not try to find purpose, today. At least until you work on heightening your self-awareness.

Before I turned 30 years old, I constantly lived in a state of lowered mindfulness, living each day as if I were in a brain fogged coma, never trying to spark my need for powerfully changing my thoughts. Growing older I began to learn that if I wanted to find purpose, I would have to change the thoughts I had about myself, which would then cause me to seek more knowledge, leading me to inch up the rungs of the mysterious conscious ladder of awareness.

The brain you are born with is unique to your body, your skills and the limitations of it’s atrophy. Think of your brain as a muscle that gets stronger as you exercise it. By exercising through mind games, reading books, practicing and learning new things you can become smarter, despite what some medical experts lead you to believe. That, you are born either dumb or smart and you can not change that.

Raising your level of conscious awareness must be done in order to find a higher purpose. Start building skills that you have allowed to remain dormant inside of you.

People seeking to find their ambitions in life, while in a constant state of depression and lower leveled thinking, tread dangerous waters in their mindless search. Early, in the age of consciousness we are barraged with environmental decisions. These decisions are subconsciously pounding our minds by the people in our inner circles, constantly changing are, our views and judgments, by continuing in this low state of mind, we can not grow to find our highest self.

From the bullies who mocked you in high school, to your parents telling you how much they dislike the president in the White House, this daily stimuli has a lasting effect on the choices you make in life, forging and creating the possible outcome of your life’s purpose. Finding false purpose by these negative situations, can be the result of having chose to take the easy way out by using someone else’s purpose in life as your own. Beware, when you come across these people who focus on the life mantra of, anything that sounds good, goes, this shallow pool of self-realization is not healthy for you to get involved in when you sekk self-mastery. 

The purpose driven life is made for individuals that stick it out in the intense adversity that life gives them. There is an exercise that is said to help you find your purpose, that may be so, if you don’t give up 5 minutes before you are shown your profound revelation. When you start this exercise, don’t go into it lightly, you will get the most out of it when you complete it in its entirety.  Sit down in a room by yourself, in isolation and allow your mind to reveal it’s secrets. Many of you, (myself, in the past) that have gone through the steps to finally raise your level of self-awareness will fall victim to contentment, you become stagnant, failing to grow even taller.

If you are serious about finding your life’s purpose and completing the exercise, you can shoot me an email or contact me, I’ll be sure to send it to you.

You are taught to believe that you have a predestined life purpose, from birth and you must walk the streets of life everyday to find what it is, otherwise you will die without having led the life that you were destined to live. I have news for you, I don’t believe we have a predestined purpose for our lives. This simply is not true, our environment, our work ethics, mixed with countless other life factors create our aspirations. Something else to think about, these aspirations will evolve over time, challenging you to constantly search for an even higher purpose for your life. Those who are never satisfied with where they are in life, go on to create valuable products, services, and never stop when they find the life that calls to them, they press, continuing to look upwards.

“Continue seeking a higher level of self-awareness each day, whilst, keeping a disciplined mindset to continue writing, in order to help you who seek to find purpose.”
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