Who Am I

I am, Who am I Really

Who am I Really? I am going to Get Real

I am a man who doesn’t give up. I write unscripted material for guiding you and myself to make money online. Yes, I often use my skills as a storyteller in a way that might be construed as marketing (it is) but it’s marketing at providing solutions for your needs. Have you been keeping up with me on Twitter or Facebook? If you stop by each of my platforms in the next few days you will see that each platform is uploaded with vastly unique descriptions and images. I’ve been lying to myself as many online entrepreneurs do, having had the notion that social media as a whole, should be plenty to cover my brand, it’s not. Each of these “social media” platforms is its own unique entity, it’s a hangout for billions of people like us to learn, build, hack or make money. It’s not enough to group these together into one medium anymore, each has a different reason as to why the hell people go there to hang out and should be treated as such.

Here’s what I mean. Each “social media” platform has unique needs and wants that are separate from other platforms. To say that my friends from Facebook come for the same reason as those on Twitter isn’t only a lie but it’s been fooling myself and others for years. It’s not enough to group these into one medium anymore. 

If you have the same 1,000 people on Facebook and the same 1,000 people on Twitter and you upload the same content at the same time, will your results be the same? No, results will be vastly different, why? Because one platform seeks a unique engagement from business-minded buyers and the other is for sharing every possible second with your friends and family. If I want to stay in the game, It is my job to find out why people are logging onto each platform and for what reason?

If you’re in the real world and you meet a new friend who wants to connect online 89% of you would guide them to your Facebook profile, that’s because Facebook is a hangout spot for you to share your daily life with your buddies. It is important for me as an entrepreneur to understand which social platforms to use for generating relevant content.

When my journey to making money online started, I didn’t know what the shit was going on, do I now? That remains unknown as you read this. We’re taught that everyone needs social media to grow in the internet world, so we begin to build these vast platforms with tremendous amounts of time-consuming content, and for 99% of us, that’s exactly what it is, “a waste of time and energy.” Because that’s how many of us will fail if our goal is to make a living online. Hopefully, that’s not the case for you. It certainly is not the case for me.

Failures I Turn into Stepping Stones:

  • Losing Subscribers
  • People get pissed and leave
  • Spammers & Hackers trying to steal my content
  • Site maintenance problems that screw up workflow

Adapting to these situations and pushing forward is what I’ve come to enjoy, call me crazy but I’m in this to win. Depression hits, “why the hell am I doing this” is the point when I have to look into my mirror and say, “This is Who I am”

I am emotionally drawn toward digital marketing and SEO. If losing all of my money on an idea I had for building a fishing empire didn’t end my dreams of becoming an online master, nothing will, I am confident of that fact, Jack! The pain of losing money, clients, and overall site authority because of followers backing out, causes me to push myself up off the bed and hit the keyboard with my thumb to wake the computer that much quicker.

I make $267 helping out OptimalTraining.com in the U.K. That’s a start for the week, I then put that money back into my media presence online. One of my biggest setbacks is that I don’t have a team, no actual paid coaches, a large number of people who make money online are part of huge networks that blog together, endorse and create content and engagement for their cause.

Not being entirely without coaching, John Shea does get back to me through email quickly and is one of the most genuine internet marketers that I’ve come to respect online, he dropped a huge network, that he mentions from time to time, but no longer endorses (for values I am guessing) and that shows me that he’s a guy trying to make an honest income online with some skilled marketing and storytelling mixed in.

Making money online is what I needed to research if I ever wanted to make it. It wasn’t. I needed to bypass the 95% of bull shit products and liars online to find what works for me personally and stick to that. Building myself up would prove to be the best decision I’ve made online, this has allowed me to stay strong through the injustice that most marketers and quick buck strategist have introduced to greenhorns on the net, giving them hopes of making millions of dollars, (if you just give them all your money) in a matter of weeks.

Here’s how I Make Money Online, I problem solve for clients. The past 3 years have been spent sitting in front on this computer wondering, “how in the hell can I make money online and do it in a way that it continues to happen?” That’s a pretty selfish attitude, isn’t it? Okay, if me wanting a piece of the pie is selfish, so be it. Honestly, I’ve learned to be less selfish and have learned to become a solutions expert for you. Yes, I make money by helping you succeed in life, in your business and even in fun, remember I shared my fishing adventures with you?

This is how I live the laptop lifestyle, by just being me and helping you. Persevering through my failures gives me more opportunity to give you with answers to your questions right now when you need them. And if you are looking to make an income doing what you love then be yourself, look to help others with their problems, this will get you more money in the long run. “And hey, if you don’t love waking up and can’t deal with the depression of marketing, you can always go back to your 9 to 5 job and have your boss tell you what to do all day.” Don’t think I’m being rude. I just want you to know that the options are there, sure my family still asks when I’m going to get a real job. “This is my job, I do what I enjoy, do you?”

You won’t get fake ass, “I made a million dollars and I want to give you something for free but it’s not really free junk.” Making money online is a hustle, and when you become a specialist at hustling you become so focused on your hustle that money isn’t even a factor. Not hustling people out of their money, but being proactive in providing solutions to their needs at the proper time through marketing and mastering SEO skills.

Answering, “Who am I?” Is a matter of knowing that I continue to press on until the failures of success force me upward, through the valley of pain, through a ridge of rising skill, finally ending on a mountain top as I reign supreme with internet entrepreneurs who are responsible for the drive you are reading. Because in reality, that’s what my time spent online comes from. Knowing that I too will become a 1%er in the worldwide realm of earning money from my laptop.

I am man honing my skills each and every day, I gladly work on improving my empathy for the networks around me, believing that they are trying to find solutions to your problems. So, if you ever stop by my Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and you see the random unbranded, personal brand that fills up my feeds, that’s the real me.




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6 Human Needs for Total Breakthrough

My friend was successfully rolling through life in many great areas. He is spiritually strong, physically well-built, like a brick house. And he is as cool as a cucumber around other people.

Knowing that I had started on my journey to self-mastery, he saw the changes I was making in my personal daily life. He hesitated then shouted out one day, “I had a shitty life growing up with my abusive father who would put me down on a daily basis, with his words.”

He went on to say, “As you know, in spite of all that, I grew into a great man and became a hero to many. Noticing your positive growth, I just see that I am not growing consciously anymore and I want to enjoy life again, what’s the secret?”

“Well Scott,” I said. “I am still learning myself, but I do know that there are 6 human needs that everyone has for any given situation or task in their lives. If these necessities are not being met at their highest levels, then you can kiss your fulfillment in that area of your life goodbye. Not meeting these fundamental human needs will crush your life. That is until you boost up the outcome.”

I then asked Scott about the area he felt he was most annoyed with, the one he thought was not evolving as it should.

He said, “Honestly, its my energy in life. I don’t feel like I have enough energy for the days.”

That was an easy one. I was hoping he didn’t come at me with his kids, or lack of growing with his wife. I didn’t want to get involved with that, whew. I said to him, “Scott, let me give you the six needs that have to be met for your life to thrive in the area of energy. It is a need for certainty followed by uncertainty.”

“Huh?” said Scott.

“I know Bud, bear with me. You need a feeling of purpose and connection or love, and the last two are growth and contribution.” I said.

Scott mulled this over for a bit as I gathered my thoughts of how to continue.

“Scott, what kind of certainty do you feel when you think about your energy levels? You apparently don’t feel comfortable with your lack of energy so your first task should be to boost up your comfort in this area! Why not try to focus on how not gaining energy will affect you down the line? How lousy will you feel six months or a year from now if you continue to not gain comfort in this area?”

He said, “I would feel ten times worse. I’d be depressed and not able to hang out with my friends.”

I let him continue to speak openly.

“Secondly, that discomfort shows a need for variety. Shake things up a bit, try different foods to boost energy, if you’ve been running to gain energy, shake it up, go for a swim! Make a change in your routine.

It’s these changes in scenery that will pump up your satisfaction in meeting this need. We all need variety in our lives. What happens when we don’t add variety?

“Boredom!” exclaimed Scott.

How will ending your lack of energy bring you more satisfaction in life?
Will it drive you toward a better purpose?

I know that just gaining more energy will shatter the ‘I don’t have the energy to…’, thus throwing huge purpose filled moments into your life.”

My observation was that Scott was hooked on what I was saying which helped me know I was getting through to him. I said, “On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest level of connection, where do you see your sense of love or self-satisfaction you gain from low energy levels?”

“A four (4),” he said. “I don’t feel much connection with others around me. When I lay around all day,” Scott, mentioned reluctantly.

“I think that number for connection and friendships will increase in the coming months if you were to skyrocket your energy to world class levels!”

“I’d feel awesome and the number may be a 9 or 10.” he belted.

I was having fun with my buddy, Scott, helping him see where his growth will come from and how I can help him get into a ‘changeling’ state of mind.

If you were keeping track, that will leave us with two more needs that I did not explain yet, right? Well, I am going to give you the chance to do a ‘Needs’ assessment in your own life today, right now.

Grab that sheet of paper on the table next to you and the pen.

Draw 6 small squares on a sheet of paper and write your needs next to each individual box for your six human needs.

Got it? Your focus could be physical appearance, emotional, spiritual, anything you want to get a better gauge on.

Write those down now and rate how well each need is being met in that specific area of your life. I want you to write a number in each box that you truthfully feel is your level of fulfillment in each area. Using a scale from 1-10, where 1 is no satisfaction what so ever, and 10 being complete enjoyment.

Once you define the areas that need fixing and improving then you can move forward and find out how to boost them up. I found out so much about myself. When I did this for the first time I hadn’t realized how little my needs were being met.

I also have not forgotten about the other two areas that Scott and I talked about. I don’t want to overload you and I am hoping you will come back for my next article for the end result.


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