Conscious Decision in Building Self Esteem

Conscious Decision in Building Self Esteem

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Do you recall the earliest moment in your life when you accomplished your first goal? I know that you felt powerful, you felt alive, didn’t you? Now, imagine for yourself, feeling that excitement every single day. Building self esteem is preceded by taking new actions in life, and providing yourself with better self talk will cause you to feel that on a continuous basis. Before taking action thought, you must first make a decision, which is where you are now. You made a decision to read this article, which lead you to take the action of, reading it.

When you make decisions to make goals, to carry them out no matter what, your life will become powerful beyond your current views for yourself. Low self esteem is brought on by years of dangerous self labeling by your thoughts, the people around you, the environment you live in, all these areas can shape your self esteem be it positive or negative, only you have the power to decide the outcome, breaking away from lousy self thought and deciding to live your life full of high esteem. The word decision means to literally, cut off, meaning to shut down all other factors that keep you from achieving what you are after. 

Decisions Determine Destiny

Tony Robbins says, “there are three decisions that will determine your destiny.” If you focus on these decisions everyday with conscious effort you can literally change the direction of your life, be forewarned because these decisions have the power to excel your life into uncharted waters. The first decision is to decide What To Focus On in your everyday life. What are you going to think about each day of your life, the things you focus on will shift your direction. The second is to decide What Do Things Mean To You? Is the situation you are in, a good right for your life’s direction, or is this not congruent with your life goals and should you get out of that environment right now? And lastly, What Should You Do Now? This decision will shape your destiny. Decide to make the conscious effort to have high esteem and focus on these three questions, make them congruent with your agreement to keep positive esteem, and your actions will have no other choice but to comply. 

This must be a conscious drive in your life. If you choose to change your self esteem, don’t allow the unconscious mind to control the judgments you make, that will only lead to random action steps in life. People who struggle with low self worth have set their beliefs in motion by their actions. Actions consistent with bad decisions will lead to harmful results. It is when these actions are changed for the better, that positive results will occur. 

When making big decisions it is especially important to think before jumping, this may sound obvious but you’d be surprised how many people will subconsciously jump into a big decision just to get it over with. Ever notice the instant relief that is felt when a decision has been made, either way you go, there is relief, many will choose by the flip of a coin in order to get relief, this leads to brash decision making and bad outcomes. Extreme self power comes from cutting off all avenues of relapse that will cause your decisions to fail. When you decide to raise your self esteem, then do it, right then. Don’t let anything else interfere with that, focusing like a laser beam intensity on winning yourself to that goal. Create positive self talk for yourself right at that moment, that will get you started, consciously. 

The more decisions we make in life, the easier they are controlled. Decision making is like that of a muscle in the body, the more we train and build up that muscle the stronger it becomes. “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” holds very true to the conscious action in growing yourself fully. If you don’t use any self improvement techniques, grow your decision making skills or, build yourself up consciously, then your body will resort back to it’s old debilitating self.  

The beliefs you choose to have can either destroy your life or, they can create you into a hero that everyone runs to for strength. If you are unhappy with your life, change the belief of your life. Step back and remember the great areas of your life, began to build positive beliefs for yourself, this will empower you. 

People have gotten so far away from what they know to be true about themselves, because they let others give their input. By not allowing others to fuel your actions, you can choose to love yourself and be happy. Make more decisions in life, everyday take a conscious approach to add three or five new decisions to your life and see where it leads you. Repetition is how the great ones become great, ask Kobe. Overtime you need to learn what decisions made you happy, and which ones brought you less success leading you to lower esteem. Learning this will spark ignite the new habits in your life. Going back to laser focus, focus on building these new habits one at a time until you are fluent with them, then move on to new habits. 

Feeling great about yourself takes habit building, this is one of the easiest ways to build confidence. Continue to build a high belief about yourself until, that belief becomes a part of you, apart of your values, your thoughts, and your soul.Self esteem must become a conscious habit in your life, in order to understand how you feel about yourself, while deciding to take congruent actions.