I Bet He Drinks wheat grass super-food

This is The Age of the balanced body

My journey to healthier living, increased energy and powerful life changes. Today’s podcast goes over the unprecedented effects of the Superfood called wheat grass. This is what the major food companies DON’T want you to know about because they want you to continue to eat their sludge, there acidic foods and their processed food. Now it’s time to fight back and combat these food giants into submission. They are killing you!

You can find your wheat grass here. 

I recommend going on a 3 to 4-day detox to start. Meaning, you super hydrate the day before your detox. During your cleanse you will drink only 2 to 3 shots of wheat grass a day, only, other than water. This will flush out your body and give you energy like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve seen massive results.

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Begin Feeling Great- 21Day Fix

“Life is like riding a bicicyle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.”
-Albert Einstein
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    Howdy, I'm Parker

    I am a man who doesn’t give up. I write unscripted material for guiding you and myself through a journey to reach the World Class.
    Often using my skills as a storyteller in a way that is helpful to you in your life's journey.

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    Results, One Day at a Time

    Weird strategies to gain results; in today’s Podcast #2.
    Great Results, One Day at a Time. “Please Listen in.”

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    90% Of Bloggers Suffer From Text Neck. (How I Overcame The Stress)

    Text Neck Video That Shows The Truth

    Wouldn’t you want to get out of neck and shoulder pain?

    I will only have this post up for another 36 hours, then it will be gone…

    I was so tired of being tired. Constant fatigue used to rule my life like a black plague of death, consuming my every second. Pain in my shoulders and back, even while being physically fit. The shock from shooting nerves became unbearably insane. And if you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you would know that I need no more “insane” in my life.

    Was there a secret to ending the pain and constant fatigue that I was feeling? What was causing it? It wasn’t the fact that I was unfit, I knew that. I mean I have always worked out regularly… Last month there was a moment of decision in my life that would help drive me to even more positive growth, as you know I have been seeking powerful growth in all aspects of my very being, that is, self-mastery in every area of my life.

    So, I did what any person who was born in the generation that first enjoyed the uniqueness of the internet would do, I fired up my computer and began searching for the reason WHY I was so sore around my neck constantly, despite being strong and fit, why was I so damn ‘out of it?’ Not just tired, but down right lethargy. My confidence was shot along with acute nerve pain shooting through my back at times, did I need surgery, I was hoping not, obviously. Did I mention the gastrointestinal issues that were a constant reminder of having just ate?

    A simple voice search for ’causes of neck pain’, via ‘ask Google’ revealed a few ideas, but nothing popped out at me, nothing had anything to do with my normal routine. Until I saw the words “Text Neck Symptoms.” This was intriguing and sounded a lot like what I had been doing every day for the past 15 years of my life, which was and is, texting.

    Text Neck Symptoms

    There it was staring at me in the face, on the phone that ironically I was using and causing more text neck for myself as I read. Lack of confidence, headaches, pain in neck and shoulders, nerve pain, constant fatigue.

    Exposing the truths about how my constant texting, checking my phone for new notifications, oh, and the constant lack of posture when I sat down to blog could all be caused by the text neck epidemic.

    90% of you suffer from this. It’s always been amazing to me how glued to our devices we all are. Hell, even when I would blog on my laptop I should have been sitting up straight and looking at you guys head on, but often I would slouch, being lazy. Once I learned that text neck could very well be the problem, the only problem hopefully, I began looking more vigorously into what Text Neck Syndrome was.

    Text Neck Syndrome In My Words

    When you are in a constant state of staring down at your phone, you know, reading emails, texting, or, even watching the occasional how to video, your neck is under unneeded constant pressure. Pressure from the weight of your head. Did you know that the human head weighs between 10-12 pounds? You did? Me too. Imagine the stress that weight adds to your body when you are out of alignment and staring downward in that unnatural gaze of wonder.

    It’s like this, when your head is in perfect alignment with your body, the weight on your neck and shoulders supported is the actual weight of your head, so 12 pounds. Now, if you have forward head posture (bad, tsk, tsk) you will add 10 more pounds of weight to your neck for every inch your head moves forward, crazy thing is we do this thousands of times a day and didn’t even realize it until right now.

    I’m willing to bet that the stress on my neck was probably closer to 45 pounds, having had senseless texting wars with my friends, while my head fell forward 3 or 4 inches (That’s not what she said) in a slouch. I didn’t know the secrets back then that I found out in my research a month back.

    Men have the desire and determination to stand erect and tall, to have perfect posture, we are in a constant state of competition with other men for dominance, it’s in our nature to be beast-like. If you have ugly forward head posture your confidence fucking sucks, it’s a shit sandwich of emotional distress, trust, I know. I’ve been in the Military and have had perfect posture, to leaving and having a 40 pound weight on my shoulders. Ladies, you can’t stand seeing a man slouched over and breathing shallow, wheezing, can you? This works especially well for ladies also, truth is the person doing the demo exercises is a lady.

    Another thing about shitty posture I realized after I began to do text neck exercises, was how much older I looked when I would slouch. Take a piss and look in the mirror (Not recommended for ladies of IA) after you stare at your stream, you’ll see what I mean. Just old and unattractive.

    I came across forward head posture fix in my reading, basically it’s a sales landing page that answered a lot of my questions to why I have neck problems, pain and fatigue and how I can fix it for cheap. Yes, this enticed me to purchase the $10.00 instant download, I’m not upset in the least that I did. Because, I thought simple static stretches that I could watch on YouTube would help, and the ones that my chiropractor gave me years ago, but they wouldn’t, and didn’t. And here is why.

    Static stretching only provides temporary relief in pain, muscle tension and an increase in movement but within a few hours, your forward head posture is back to the way it was since the stretch did not target the main cause.

    You just can’t correct the damage that has already been done with static stretching alone. There needs to be a combination of corrective exercise and other techniques to open up and release the neck while activating other muscles so you can return to a balanced state with proper movement in the neck. Or, so I learned.

    Note that postural strengthening is great for those who blog, work in a cubicle on a computer all day. Doing this will help the anxious moments of wanting to quit when your neck screams in agony, because it won’t anymore.

    You need a combination of text neck exercises, breathing techniques, core conditioning, and self-massage. This is just a few that worked real well for me. Honestly though, it’s reprogramming your body to straighten up and fly right.

    Tip When Texting- Hold the damn phone out straight with you arm and look at the screen with your crown held high. Just think, it’s a good shoulder workout for those who have long texting sessions. The strain is far less severe on the shoulders than the 42 pound weight on the neck.

    Text Neck Exercises

    For time purposes, I am sure you are busy and may be scrolling through the post as many readers do, I will limit the amount of exercises that I discuss in this post. These are the ones that I personally felt the greatest relief from.

    Exercise one is the foundation exercise, many other exercises piggyback this exercise. It’s only proper to get this one here. It’s called…

    Lift, Tuck and Tighten- This movement can be performed while sitting, standing or while on your back. Maintain the normal curve of your spine, lift your chest and level out your head. If you are sitting, roll hips forward until you are on you sit bones and curve in your spine is normal. If you are standing, activate your gluteus. Perform 5 repetitions with each being held for 5 seconds and then progress to 10 repetitions with each being held for 10 seconds. Then move to 4 repetitions to 30 seconds and finally one repetitions for a hold of 2 minutes.

    The second one that has brought power and confidence to my life is known as…

    3-Way Mid Back Rocking- Best performed in a seated position but can be done standing. The hands on head and move elbows and shoulder back, plus tighten up the shoulder blades and mid-back. Then arching back five times, rotate side to side for 5 repetitions in each direction and finally rocking side to side for 5 repetitions for a total of 10 repetitions for each movement.

    I’ll leave you with my favorite feel good exercise, this one helps me relieve all sorts of tension in my neck, a lot of migraine sufferers love this one…

    Upper Trapezius Massage- This movement can be performed while sitting, standing or while on your back. Perform 3 self-massage circles in the muscle and focus on the section that is tight and sensitive. Be gentle and be nice to the windpipe. You can progress to 5 repetitions.

    Though I just shared a few of my findings for relieving text neck, it’s not to late for you to put an end to it. Take the opportunity today to do the simple exercises listed above and tell me how great you feel?

    I was pretty nervous when I read what was happening to myself and every cell phone wielding user in the world, I wasn’t sure that it wasn’t too late for me to get myself out of the pain I was in, I thought I had long lasting damage.

    I was wrong, I started doing these exercises and my posture is on point, breathing techniques stimulate my brain, making me feel confident. By powerfully strengthening my core, I am loving myself. My neck is out of pain, I don’t strain to blog and I put an end to staring downwards to the fiery hell pit below.

    I’d suggest, as Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS. says, “do these exercises for 15 minutes a day, working up to more reps.” Yup that’s all it took me. I noticed results on my first day, after that it was a matter of remembering not to go back to the old way of texting and blogging. That’s creating a habit of perfect posture.

    My confidence has since then soared to new heights, working out and adding neck exercises to improve my posture creates a new image of power. A tree that is firmly rooted and stands tall and strong.

    Fixing your Forward Head Posture can literally happen in 15 minutes a day, I actually look forward to doing the routine after my beast sessions… You can head over to Forward Head Posture Fix and see for yourself, learn the routines and maybe we can help spread the word?

    Get Healthy, 

    -Parker (aka Stetson)

    P.S. Let me know how it goes for you.

    See The Results Here!

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    6 Human Needs for Total Breakthrough

    My friend was successfully rolling through life in many great areas. He is spiritually strong, physically well-built, like a brick house. And he is as cool as a cucumber around other people.

    Knowing that I had started on my journey to self-mastery, he saw the changes I was making in my personal daily life. He hesitated then shouted out one day, “I had a shitty life growing up with my abusive father who would put me down on a daily basis, with his words.”

    He went on to say, “As you know, in spite of all that, I grew into a great man and became a hero to many. Noticing your positive growth, I just see that I am not growing consciously anymore and I want to enjoy life again, what’s the secret?”

    “Well Scott,” I said. “I am still learning myself, but I do know that there are 6 human needs that everyone has for any given situation or task in their lives. If these necessities are not being met at their highest levels, then you can kiss your fulfillment in that area of your life goodbye. Not meeting these fundamental human needs will crush your life. That is until you boost up the outcome.”

    I then asked Scott about the area he felt he was most annoyed with, the one he thought was not evolving as it should.

    He said, “Honestly, its my energy in life. I don’t feel like I have enough energy for the days.”

    That was an easy one. I was hoping he didn’t come at me with his kids, or lack of growing with his wife. I didn’t want to get involved with that, whew. I said to him, “Scott, let me give you the six needs that have to be met for your life to thrive in the area of energy. It is a need for certainty followed by uncertainty.”

    “Huh?” said Scott.

    “I know Bud, bear with me. You need a feeling of purpose and connection or love, and the last two are growth and contribution.” I said.

    Scott mulled this over for a bit as I gathered my thoughts of how to continue.

    “Scott, what kind of certainty do you feel when you think about your energy levels? You apparently don’t feel comfortable with your lack of energy so your first task should be to boost up your comfort in this area! Why not try to focus on how not gaining energy will affect you down the line? How lousy will you feel six months or a year from now if you continue to not gain comfort in this area?”

    He said, “I would feel ten times worse. I’d be depressed and not able to hang out with my friends.”

    I let him continue to speak openly.

    “Secondly, that discomfort shows a need for variety. Shake things up a bit, try different foods to boost energy, if you’ve been running to gain energy, shake it up, go for a swim! Make a change in your routine.

    It’s these changes in scenery that will pump up your satisfaction in meeting this need. We all need variety in our lives. What happens when we don’t add variety?

    “Boredom!” exclaimed Scott.

    How will ending your lack of energy bring you more satisfaction in life?
    Will it drive you toward a better purpose?

    I know that just gaining more energy will shatter the ‘I don’t have the energy to…’, thus throwing huge purpose filled moments into your life.”

    My observation was that Scott was hooked on what I was saying which helped me know I was getting through to him. I said, “On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest level of connection, where do you see your sense of love or self-satisfaction you gain from low energy levels?”

    “A four (4),” he said. “I don’t feel much connection with others around me. When I lay around all day,” Scott, mentioned reluctantly.

    “I think that number for connection and friendships will increase in the coming months if you were to skyrocket your energy to world class levels!”

    “I’d feel awesome and the number may be a 9 or 10.” he belted.

    I was having fun with my buddy, Scott, helping him see where his growth will come from and how I can help him get into a ‘changeling’ state of mind.

    If you were keeping track, that will leave us with two more needs that I did not explain yet, right? Well, I am going to give you the chance to do a ‘Needs’ assessment in your own life today, right now.

    Grab that sheet of paper on the table next to you and the pen.

    Draw 6 small squares on a sheet of paper and write your needs next to each individual box for your six human needs.

    Got it? Your focus could be physical appearance, emotional, spiritual, anything you want to get a better gauge on.

    Write those down now and rate how well each need is being met in that specific area of your life. I want you to write a number in each box that you truthfully feel is your level of fulfillment in each area. Using a scale from 1-10, where 1 is no satisfaction what so ever, and 10 being complete enjoyment.

    Once you define the areas that need fixing and improving then you can move forward and find out how to boost them up. I found out so much about myself. When I did this for the first time I hadn’t realized how little my needs were being met.

    I also have not forgotten about the other two areas that Scott and I talked about. I don’t want to overload you and I am hoping you will come back for my next article for the end result.


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    Conscious Decision in Building Self Esteem


    Do you recall the earliest moment in your life when you accomplished your first goal? I know that you felt powerful, you felt alive, didn’t you? Now, imagine for yourself, feeling that excitement every single day. Building self esteem is preceded by taking new actions in life, and providing yourself with better self talk will cause you to feel that on a continuous basis. Before taking action thought, you must first make a decision, which is where you are now. You made a decision to read this article, which lead you to take the action of, reading it.

    When you make decisions to make goals, to carry them out no matter what, your life will become powerful beyond your current views for yourself. Low self esteem is brought on by years of dangerous self labeling by your thoughts, the people around you, the environment you live in, all these areas can shape your self esteem be it positive or negative, only you have the power to decide the outcome, breaking away from lousy self thought and deciding to live your life full of high esteem. The word decision means to literally, cut off, meaning to shut down all other factors that keep you from achieving what you are after. 

    Decisions Determine Destiny

    Tony Robbins says, “there are three decisions that will determine your destiny.” If you focus on these decisions everyday with conscious effort you can literally change the direction of your life, be forewarned because these decisions have the power to excel your life into uncharted waters. The first decision is to decide What To Focus On in your everyday life. What are you going to think about each day of your life, the things you focus on will shift your direction. The second is to decide What Do Things Mean To You? Is the situation you are in, a good right for your life’s direction, or is this not congruent with your life goals and should you get out of that environment right now? And lastly, What Should You Do Now? This decision will shape your destiny. Decide to make the conscious effort to have high esteem and focus on these three questions, make them congruent with your agreement to keep positive esteem, and your actions will have no other choice but to comply. 

    This must be a conscious drive in your life. If you choose to change your self esteem, don’t allow the unconscious mind to control the judgments you make, that will only lead to random action steps in life. People who struggle with low self worth have set their beliefs in motion by their actions. Actions consistent with bad decisions will lead to harmful results. It is when these actions are changed for the better, that positive results will occur. 

    When making big decisions it is especially important to think before jumping, this may sound obvious but you’d be surprised how many people will subconsciously jump into a big decision just to get it over with. Ever notice the instant relief that is felt when a decision has been made, either way you go, there is relief, many will choose by the flip of a coin in order to get relief, this leads to brash decision making and bad outcomes. Extreme self power comes from cutting off all avenues of relapse that will cause your decisions to fail. When you decide to raise your self esteem, then do it, right then. Don’t let anything else interfere with that, focusing like a laser beam intensity on winning yourself to that goal. Create positive self talk for yourself right at that moment, that will get you started, consciously. 

    The more decisions we make in life, the easier they are controlled. Decision making is like that of a muscle in the body, the more we train and build up that muscle the stronger it becomes. “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” holds very true to the conscious action in growing yourself fully. If you don’t use any self improvement techniques, grow your decision making skills or, build yourself up consciously, then your body will resort back to it’s old debilitating self.  

    The beliefs you choose to have can either destroy your life or, they can create you into a hero that everyone runs to for strength. If you are unhappy with your life, change the belief of your life. Step back and remember the great areas of your life, began to build positive beliefs for yourself, this will empower you. 

    People have gotten so far away from what they know to be true about themselves, because they let others give their input. By not allowing others to fuel your actions, you can choose to love yourself and be happy. Make more decisions in life, everyday take a conscious approach to add three or five new decisions to your life and see where it leads you. Repetition is how the great ones become great, ask Kobe. Overtime you need to learn what decisions made you happy, and which ones brought you less success leading you to lower esteem. Learning this will spark ignite the new habits in your life. Going back to laser focus, focus on building these new habits one at a time until you are fluent with them, then move on to new habits. 

    Feeling great about yourself takes habit building, this is one of the easiest ways to build confidence. Continue to build a high belief about yourself until, that belief becomes a part of you, apart of your values, your thoughts, and your soul.Self esteem must become a conscious habit in your life, in order to understand how you feel about yourself, while deciding to take congruent actions. 

    The Purpose Driven Life and How To Find It

    The Purpose Driven Life and How To Find It

    The problem with people trying to find their purpose in life, is that a majority of them, lack the mental intelligence of coming to a conscious understanding of defining what that purpose is. If you have ever nonchalantly sat down and said, “Hey, I’m a shithead and I need to find better things to do with my time, think I’ll sit down and find my purpose.” You’d be going about it the wrong way, essentially, playing into the reason you haven’t found it the previous 20 times.

    In order to find your purpose, your mind must first be in a heightened state of consciousness, it’s not enough to simply want to find your purpose. If you haven’t opened a book in 10 years, or been attending your weekly seminars that teach you how to empower your mind in the next 21 days, how do you expect to just sit down and find your entire life’s purpose in one sitting?

    Your lack of intelligence on any subject will always be directly linked to the efforts that you put into learning about how to master it, on your own. Think for a moment, about your level of conscious awareness to the world around you right now. Are you at a heightened state of consciousness, do you feel as if your mind is looking at you from above, giving you all the answers at a moments thought, the answers that you seek? If so, than maybe you are ready to find purpose. Now, if you haven’t been trying to intelligently raise your state of well-being, because you have been to engrossed with how emotionally depleted you feel, then you should probably not try to find purpose, today. At least until you work on heightening your self-awareness.

    Before I turned 30 years old, I constantly lived in a state of lowered mindfulness, living each day as if I were in a brain fogged coma, never trying to spark my need for powerfully changing my thoughts. Growing older I began to learn that if I wanted to find purpose, I would have to change the thoughts I had about myself, which would then cause me to seek more knowledge, leading me to inch up the rungs of the mysterious conscious ladder of awareness.

    The brain you are born with is unique to your body, your skills and the limitations of it’s atrophy. Think of your brain as a muscle that gets stronger as you exercise it. By exercising through mind games, reading books, practicing and learning new things you can become smarter, despite what some medical experts lead you to believe. That, you are born either dumb or smart and you can not change that.

    Raising your level of conscious awareness must be done in order to find a higher purpose. Start building skills that you have allowed to remain dormant inside of you.

    People seeking to find their ambitions in life, while in a constant state of depression and lower leveled thinking, tread dangerous waters in their mindless search. Early, in the age of consciousness we are barraged with environmental decisions. These decisions are subconsciously pounding our minds by the people in our inner circles, constantly changing are, our views and judgments, by continuing in this low state of mind, we can not grow to find our highest self.

    From the bullies who mocked you in high school, to your parents telling you how much they dislike the president in the White House, this daily stimuli has a lasting effect on the choices you make in life, forging and creating the possible outcome of your life’s purpose. Finding false purpose by these negative situations, can be the result of having chose to take the easy way out by using someone else’s purpose in life as your own. Beware, when you come across these people who focus on the life mantra of, anything that sounds good, goes, this shallow pool of self-realization is not healthy for you to get involved in when you sekk self-mastery. 

    The purpose driven life is made for individuals that stick it out in the intense adversity that life gives them. There is an exercise that is said to help you find your purpose, that may be so, if you don’t give up 5 minutes before you are shown your profound revelation. When you start this exercise, don’t go into it lightly, you will get the most out of it when you complete it in its entirety.  Sit down in a room by yourself, in isolation and allow your mind to reveal it’s secrets. Many of you, (myself, in the past) that have gone through the steps to finally raise your level of self-awareness will fall victim to contentment, you become stagnant, failing to grow even taller.

    If you are serious about finding your life’s purpose and completing the exercise, you can shoot me an email or contact me, I’ll be sure to send it to you.

    You are taught to believe that you have a predestined life purpose, from birth and you must walk the streets of life everyday to find what it is, otherwise you will die without having led the life that you were destined to live. I have news for you, I don’t believe we have a predestined purpose for our lives. This simply is not true, our environment, our work ethics, mixed with countless other life factors create our aspirations. Something else to think about, these aspirations will evolve over time, challenging you to constantly search for an even higher purpose for your life. Those who are never satisfied with where they are in life, go on to create valuable products, services, and never stop when they find the life that calls to them, they press, continuing to look upwards.

    “Continue seeking a higher level of self-awareness each day, whilst, keeping a disciplined mindset to continue writing, in order to help you who seek to find purpose.”
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    Howdy, I'm Parker

    I am a man who doesn’t give up. I write unscripted material for guiding you and myself through a journey to reach the World Class.
    Often using my skills as a storyteller in a way that is helpful to you in your life's journey.

    Write For Me

    Photo by Ilya Ilyukhin on Unsplash

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    Beach Body Special Offer

      Begin Feeling Great- 21Day Fix

      This Makes You Happy


      True conscious growth comes at the moment when you finally realize that you have been in a series of months lead with constant positive thoughts, months of feeling deeply great about yourself.

      Think about it this way, there are 5 types of feel good chemicals inside of your brain, 6 if you count nor-epinephrine, starving for some attention. In order to benefit fully from their positive impact you must first activate their core, feed them oxygen and they will supercharge your body to achieve greatness at the highest level of consciousness. Once you have shocked them back to life, keeping them maintained becomes a life long commitment, this is easier said than done for most. You can get it done.


      Laying Dormant


      Tom was a basket case in the winter, he would always give in to the changing of the weather, not wanting to work out, in fact he just stopped providing his brain the proper chemical boost that was needed to push through these long cold nights. Oxycontin is activated in the brain by taking action steps in life, this gives a feeling of falling in love or when one comes home after a long hard day. As Tom held up in his room all day staring blankly at his television set watching “wings” for the 30th time, his feelings of joy and content were replaced with fear and isolation. If only he could find the energy to venture into the world again to replenish the imbalance inside him.


      In order to ignite the release of these chemicals that lay dormant within you, I would suggest you begin monitoring your thoughts throughout your day, keep track of them in a journal this way you can always have foresight into what thoughts you allow to take root within yourself. Are your thoughts congruent with the actions you take, of course they are. In any case, were not going to be able to stop our negative thoughts 100% but I can tell you that with building a habit of positive thinking, the negatives tend to be far less accessible to your conscious mind.

      The “Feel Good” Chemicals


      • Endorphin– Any of a group of peptide hormones that bind to opioid receptors and act as neurotransmitters. Endorphin reduce the sensation of pain and affect emotions. 
      • Dopamine– A catecholamine neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, retina, and sympathetic ganglia, acting within the brain to help regulate movement and emotion: its depletion may cause Parkinson’s disease. 
      • Oxycontin– A polypeptide hormone, produced by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland, that stimulates contraction of the smooth muscle of the uterus.
      • Nor-Epinephrine– Also called nor-adrenaline. Physiology. a neurotransmitter, released by adrenergic nerve terminals in the autonomic and possibly the central nervous system, that has such effects as constricting blood vessels, raising blood pressure, and dilating bronchi. 
      • Prolactin– An anterior pituitary polypeptide hormone that stimulates lactation by the mammary glands at parturition in mammals, the activity of the crop in birds, and in some mammalian species the production of progesterone by the corpus luteum.



      Focused positive thinking provides a jolt of energy for the pleasure center in your mind, much like jump starting your car back to life. Start to proclaim a series of confident aspirations for 21 days in a row and you will see a paradigm shift in your daily emotions. Seemingly forcing these affirmations are foreign and often extremely difficult for the pessimist at first, but once a habit of conscious thought management starts taking place, the pessimist will turn into quite the optimist.

      Set backs are part of life, understanding this while maintaining specific aspirations will enable you to remain calm, cool and collected in time of uncertainty. When you unknowingly force defeating labels on yourself this takes away from the good that positive emotion creates.

      Maintain the Feeling


      Now that you are beginning to feel good each and everyday, its like anything else, you need to do maintain that feeling. Doing daily routine maintenance for your brain stimuli is that life long task I told you about before, it comes from choosing to activate your chemical center, routinely. The reason you have to continue to keep up with your emotional high from these happy chemical releases is that they act similar to a drug inside of you. Drugs have this come down period, the time when the chemical wears off leading to chemical withdrawal. Another way of understanding this is to think for me if you will, of an alcoholic who self medicates himself with this drug causing him to feel happy, he can control his dose and keep himself feeling that high, its not until the drug wears off that his chemicals inside his brain become dangerously low.

      Maintaining your emotional high is your best defense in continuing to feel good, it is far more difficult and painful to raise your brain chemicals from rock bottom to its peak, then it is to keep them at their synergistic level. Personally, I choose to swim hard and fast, the endorphin release inside my blood stream keeps me chasing that high, continually. Endorphin build up when your body has injuries and pain. As you run, swim or do exercise of any kind these endorphin are released to mask the pain, which is what enables the injured mother to run back to her faint child when thrown out of the car, endorphin keep you feeling good in the presence of pain.

      Come Full Circle


      Take steps to share your profound feeling of pleasure, further reinforcing your chemical high. Look back over the past months, visualize and recall the moments when positive change took place. Sit your friends and family down, share with them the truths that were revealed to you in your quest to feeling great. Anyone worth befriending will be more than encouraged by your rapid transformation that they themselves will release dopamine inside their brain. As you see others feeling great you will have fueled your bodies desire for more chemical relief, keeping you from falling victim to withdrawal symptoms of setbacks. 


      Why Self-Esteem

      Becoming a Man of Fear

      As a young boy I remember being lonely quite often, the days seemed to drag on forever in the congestion of my large metropolitan city. The simple pleasures of shooting imaginary men in my backyard while I pretended to scale a ravine that wasn’t really there, seeing it in my mind; went unnoticed by my family. It wasn’t until I started high school that my family had noticed a sudden, drastic shift in my moods and thoughts, lashing out in anger more frequently than as a child, and that’s saying a lot. One doesn’t understand low self-esteem in the early stages of their lives, (psychologists say the age of 5 is the age a person becomes consciously aware of their surroundings) it’s not until years of abuse and ridicule caused by negative self labeling that the mind peeks out from hibernation to destroy a person.

      Walking through the crowds of people in the large covered halls of high school, the smell of fear ran its course in my mind. Intensely I began to shake and twitch as others spoke to me, this had never happened before. Junior year, for the first time in my life I began to see and notice how poorly I thought of myself. I was meeting people who were, “smarter” than me, and that was terrifying. I’m going to call her Brooke, her beautiful sun shown blonde hair flowing so effortlessly in the wind as I sat behind her, we joked until the bell rang. We never had any sexual tension, always just friends, nothing more. She would tell me to “talk faster” , “don’t be so quiet”, not realizing the hurt that her unfiltered words would have on my life in the long scheme of year to come.

      a man at war

      At the dawning of everyday, I woke to the creation of my own despair within my thoughts, I was purposely filling my mind with dread and worry. Constantly murmuring, “I am not good enough”, “I talk too slow, who will be my friend?”
      Naturally, I felt the shame of powerlessness in simple everyday life. To define my self-esteem at this point was to go back over 15 years of my life and gather all the painful, thrashing blows which I personally took upon myself, after the constant bullying from others. If not for the snarled, fierce looks I caught from the people who disproved of my existence, I wouldn’t be writing to you about personal growth. I can be thankful for that.

      Self-esteem makes up the beliefs that you have about yourself, these beliefs give way to an emotional release inside your body which causes you to act them out in society. The underlying fact is, what you think about yourself will conceive your self-esteem within yourself, be that positive or negative interpretations.

      a man of habits

      Growing older, I have seen the harmful effects that negative self-esteem issues have had on my life as a whole. If it hadn’t been for low self-esteem I wouldn’t have my wonderful blogs, nor would I be so fascinatingly passionate about helping others succeed in their own growth. Factoring in 25 the years of neglect on my happy psyche I finally began to work on habits of positive change for myself. I taught myself, often forced myself to read books on personal development, later I would seek help from a therapist who came to change my entire way of thinking as a whole. Literally, I started replacing one bad habit (thought) at a time with habits that had brought huge success to others. This was what I was created for, writing to help others like you, like myself, overcome the challenges we all face in forcing unrelenting, nagging labels on our selves, through the faults of our parents and generations before us.

      a man of books

      Last I remember, the bible had over 6.5 Billion copies in print and has sold over 5 billion copies to readers that span the entire global hemisphere, making it the best-selling book of all time.
      Not so unbelievable to the faithful Christian who knows that the Bible is all God inspired work. He provides His people with Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Really, His secrets to living a fulfilling life for His people. Deducing through internet information that there have been over 180 trillion people on the planet since B.C. when the population was 2. Yes, the two in the garden, this is a small percentage of people buying His book. The bible has been far more profitable to me in my journey to excellence than any other book written on the topic of becoming my best self.
      Another book instrumental to my growth has been James Allen’s, As a man thinketh. Hundreds of truth nuggets fill all 80 pages (depending on what copy you have) of his book dealing with human thought. making a conscious effort to think positive in all situations would prove to be a powerful tool in my growth as a man.

      a man of positive esteem

      The outdated habits of spouting off, “I am not smart”, “I can’t-do this”, were transformed into healthier actions of, “I need to find another way”, ” I choose to act confident and disregard what other people say about me.” Years would pass, adding more books of self-esteem than I can count on two hands to my library was the best thing I did for myself back then.

      Self esteem quotes filled my computer screen daily and from then on I focused on joyful aspirations towards my future. “No one can make you (me) feel inferior without your (my) consent.”-Eleanor Roosevelt.
      Learning that if I was to go somewhere far greater than where I had been stuck for my whole life, I would have to find a purpose to my life, a purpose for living. Isn’t that what people with low self-esteem lack, a purpose for living life? Managing this new purpose of wanting to help others succeed has given me the ability to think clearly and write so ferociously.

      “The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder.”
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