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Exercise is essential for positive growth, as your body burn endorphin it releases euphoria. That feel-good chemical mixed with extreme focus will lead to outstanding changes in one’s life.

Through my focused effort in reading about champions, I’ve learned that these overcomers harness the power of feeling good, using it to propel themselves forward. And as mentioned, one of the quickest ways to feel good is through exercise.

I began body beast by beach body a little over three weeks ago, as you can imagine with a name like ‘body beast,’ my body began to scream, in the beginning. As it stands now, I feel pumped up and beastly after my routine.When all is said and done, there are about 15 minutes of pain at the end of my routine.

After the burn,  I take a warm shower followed by cold, this helps the inflamed, depleted muscles relax, readying for the repair session.

Champions wake up each day knowing, planning and making their day happen according to their ultimate design. Using this mental fortitude allows them to create destiny, instead of having the world happen to them.

Each and every day I wake up thrilled to begin my passion. Sure, there are still times which old thoughts creep in, but now that I think like a champion these times are fewer.

Wake up each day feeling grateful for what you have, you may never have another day like today. Choose to create your own destiny, do not allow life to happen to you. Happen to life.

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